General Location Map

The adjacent map shows where Kalaeloa Harbor is located on the island of Oahu.  The picture credit goes to the Honolulu Advertiser, the August 13, 2000 issue. 

A picture and another map are provided on this page are provided for assistance in approaching by sea or by land.



Ocean PictureBarbers Point Harbor Study

Kalaeloa Harbor (aka Barber's Point Deep Draft Harbor) is shown in the photo.  This photo is from the Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Hydraulic Lab's web page.  The boat yard is located in the turning basin to your starboard side as you enter the harbor.  The loading slip for the traveling boat hoist is on the makai (ocean) side of this turning basin.  The entrance Ko'olina Yacht Club is located on your port side as you enter this harbor.  Do not enter the main harbor, as restrictions now apply since 9-11.  When approaching by sea, from Honolulu direction, stay well clear of the tanker mooring buoys for the refineries, located off Barbers Point.



Road Map

Approach the boat yard through H1.  Take the "Campbell  Industrial Park - Kalaeloa Harbor" exit from the H1.  Head down about 2 miles (makai - toward the ocean) on Kalaeloa Boulevard to the second stop light.  A this light make a right on Malakole Road.  Follow Malakole Road all the way to the end (about 2 miles).  The Phoenician, LLC is located on your left side at the end of this road.  Credit for map above goes to Yahoo Incorporated.