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"Mai Tai" in the Travel Lift Racing Sailboat Mai Tai on the Traveling Boat Hoist

  This traveling boat hoist can lift boats that meet the following conditions:
Length: Up to 150 feet
Beam: 32 feet Maximum
Draft: 18 feet maximum
Displacement: Up to 300 metric tons
  (or 295.2 long tons or 661,200 lbs)

To haul out fill out the "Check List" and hand it over to the dock master.

  The Phoenician utilizes this lift for mega-yachts, large steel fishing vessels, racing and personal yachts, powerboats, commercial passenger vessels, catamarans, governmental vessels, military boats and other craft that will fit within the lifts requirements specified to the right.

Fireboat Moku Ahi in Phoenician Boat Lift Honolulu Fire Boat "Moku Ahi" on the Movable Boat Lift





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The Phoenician, LLC
91-573 Malakole Road, Kapolei, HI   96707

Tel: (808) 682-1961     Fax: (808) 682-1983

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