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91-573 Malakole Road
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The Phoenician LLC is the largest full service boat yard in the State of Hawaii.  This boat yard occupies five acres of land adjacent to Kalaeloa Harbor.  Specific services that are offered are listed below. 


  Marine Machinist

Comprehensive machine shop services are available.  This includes shaft fabrication, repair and alignment.  Shaft straightening services are also provided.  Laser alignment services are available.

machining propeller shaft

Propeller repair is also provided.  This includes pitching, balancing and edge restoration.

Large Milling Machine

Mechanics & Riggers

This shop troubleshoots, overhauls and tests diesel and gasoline engines and other types of machinery found aboard vessels.

Marine mechanics woring on machinery.

Pump and compressor repair services are also provided.

Refurbished propeller on catamaran.

Onsite cranes are used for mast stepping and unstepping.

Marine Pipefitting

This shop handles repair, fabrication and testing of various kinds of valves, fittings, components, piping and tubing that a vessel may have.  This includes, stainless steel, copper, copper nickel, steel, PVC, reinforced rubber and other types of materials used on board a vessel.

Marine pipe fitter welding up tubing.

Insulation and Noise Abatement

This shop provides insulation, lagging and noise reduction services.

Electrical / Electronic

Complete electrical and electronic services are available through this shop.  These services include repair, installation and testing of equipment.

Master marine electrician working on wiring.

This includes rewinding and balancing of generators and motors.


Complete welding repair and fabrication services for steel and aluminum.  Services include MIG (wire feed), TIG and stick welding techniques. 

Weldor welding up bulwarks.

Services include nondestructive testing of welded joints when required.  USCG and ABS certified welders can be provided.

Weld Shop - Large Bending Press

Fiberglass Workers

This shop repairs and fabricates fiberglass structures and it does gelcoat repairs.

Fiberglass repairs to deadwood by prop shaft.

Shipwrights & Joiners

This shop repairs and fabricates wood items for your boat.  This includes hull, bulkheads, decks, framing, pilothouses and joinery.

Large ban saw in wood shop.

Blasting, Surfacing and Painti

This shop does water blasting and sandblasting and other types of surface preparation.  This paint shop with AWL Grip sterling finishes along with other paint types and tank preservation coatings and sea hawk antifouling and propspeed propeller coating.

Surface preparation for painting.

Environmental Cleanup

This includes tank cleaning & liquid disposal.  Abatement services for lead & asbestos are provided.  Gas freeing services are also available.

Tank trucks used for environmental cleanup.

Sail Loft

The Phoenician LLC has a large sail loft that can be used to repair or fabricate sails.




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The Phoenician, LLC
91-573 Malakole Road, Kapolei, HI   96707

Tel: (808) 682-1961     Fax: (808) 682-1983

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