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Senior Partner

Fred Anawati is the Senior Partner of The Phoenician, LLC.  Fred comes from a long line of seafarers.  His father was a professional mariner.  Fred is of Phoenician ancestry.  So, by the environment of his upbringing and by blood he comes from a race of skilled mariners, boat builders and merchants.

Fred was born in the seaport city of Alexandria, Egypt.  He was brought up in the Greek Orthodox Christian faith.  For college he went to the respected California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo.  He graduated from there as an engineer.  He moved on to Hawaii in the early seventies and worked at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for awhile.  Then he started working for himself.

In fact Fred is a very active entrepreneur. He is a senior partner in several maritime related Hawaiian companies.  Besides the Phoenician he co-owns Marisco Limited (a large full service shipyard with two floating dry-docks, machine shop, welding shop, electrical/electronic shop, blasting and painting shop, mechanics shop, wood shop, rigging shop, etc.), Anawati and Associates (a industrial and marine engineering consulting firm) and Coordinated Wire Rope (furnishing wire rope and accessories). 

  He also a senior partner in several other companies including Almar Limited (a industrial paint supplier) and Blue Hawaii (a charter boat firm).  He also used be partners in a former Honolulu tugboat and water taxi firm.

Sport Fishing Boat, owned by Fred Anawati

Fred is a boat owner.  In fact he owns several boats.  This man loves boats and is fascinated with their equipment.  With this background he can easily relate to the needs and desires of boat owners.  He is also an avid fisherman and loves going to sea and hunting the big ones.  He participates in local tournaments and catches many fish.  He has also contributed to various yacht club fundraisers and has participated with other local community events.



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